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Did you miss out?

Everything goes wrong for a reason. It’s purely unavoidable. You’ve made amazing progress down the path only step a hole you didn’t see and roll your ankle. You put in so effort into work or a relationship only to passed over or tossed to the side.

Sure it’s frustrating and even bring up those feeling of anger or hopeless. Everything I worked so hard on and invested all that blood, sweat, and tears into is now lost.

Do you stand there bitter or angry. No, just as the world continues to spin, you do too. You pick yourself up knock off the dust regroup.

Surrender yourself to the act of starting over. What’s more than that, tinker with it, do it better this second time around.

The missing social media account, the heartache, missing out on the promotion all mean something. Nature is telling you a fact. What fate removed from you, or passed you by on wasn’t right for you. There’s something in there you should not be holding on to any longer.

The picture of what you want, the details all of that can be rebuilt. They will come together better than what you were doing. Relay upon the skills and trust in who you are the mission you on.

Give grace to what’s gone and look forward to the new.


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