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You have to be the judge

Episode 147

We recently discussed the revolving door around the cast of characters that move in and out of our life. Today let’s talk about the time that they are present.

While it’s impossible to move through your story without picking up connects with people. Those connects most certainly lead to relationships of many different types.

Be it a partner, a friendship, or any of type label you place upon on it. Each of these characters are going play an influence upon how you think and behave. It’s that influence that we need to mindful of. Just as much as we need to be aware of who we are handing these labels to.

Seneca warns us to be tight fisted with label of a friend. To learn about this persons character and motive first. Then even once they have past those test to given the label of our friend.

You must continue to be the steadfast examiner and honorable judge of how they conduct themselves in line with your values.

There is a question one must always ask ourselves about the circle of these people call friends they keep. We also take this question and apply it every part of our lives. Is this serving to inspire and bring out the best of me?

With the way that we slap the buzz word toxic on everything there days. You have to look deeper than that and ask yourself that one question. Then, be prepared to respond to yourself with a truthful answer.

That one wise question is the biggest and strongest shield we carry to protecting ourselves.

Keep this in your thoughts, you become a product of your environment. Take a look around at it in true and honest view without all the filters. Only you can decide the person you will be.

So I ask you how dose your friends and surround impact that?


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