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Like a lobster

Episode 144

Any path worth traveling down will hold many different things along the way. We start the journeys because they call to us. The trail wants us to walk it. Because it offers us growth on the other side.

We always find challenges that push us out of comfort zone. Because we have to step out of that space, we find ourselves feeling vulnerable. Most of the time steaming from fear of failure.

We are so scared of what failure looks and feels like. We don’t want that page written upon our story. But truth is that by trying and putting yourself out there we have already won.

That is victory in the first battle. However you know the war is just begun. The second battle will be set within the space of vulnerability.

The most interesting part of the process is the relationship with vulnerability. That is in terms of how you’ll be respond when your uncomfortable.

If it’s the process of reconnection, or other aspects of our relationships. We often over think the effect it’s having on the other party involved. Is this to much? Am I don’t doing enough? Are we pushing to much?

Backcountry fuel box

Those are the kind of things that come up when you spend to much time in your head. Most of the time reality is some much different. Because by being there the magic is happen. Even if you can’t see it.

There’s a story that I recently had shared with me by my good friend Milvo. It’s a story about a lobster. Considering that lobsters have been around since the dinosaurs. I would say that a lobster knows a thing or two.

For a lobster to grow it has to shed its shell. This process is triggered by being uncomfortable. When this happens the lobster goes down where it can and hide. It hides because it’s going to vulnerable while it grows a new shell.

It only knows it’s time to grow when it’s uncomfortable. This is no different for us too. Wether it’s the growing in anything. A relationship or any aspect of life.

Take it as it comes and step into the uncomfortable vulnerability so you can unlock the growth.


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