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Check your pack

Episode 141

A backpack comes with limited space. You can only pick and chose so much gear to fill it with. A wise backpacker will consider what the conditions will be like and pack accordingly. Careful sifting through all the gear they have accumulated.

There is a series of questions they ask themselves as they pack. Things like how many different uses can I get out of this item, how much weight will it add to my pack overall. All of which will lead them to the perfect pack for the trip.

Life is no different. We set our signs on the day to day series of adventures that make up the story we live. All to often we forget to look at what we are carrying in our daily pack.

Maybe this happens because most of which we can actually see. Maybe it’s because we just don’t think about it. We are in such a hurry to get on to the next task. Or we just so get caught up in auto pilot mode we just assume those tools and ideas will adjust themselves. Because after all we gotta keep moving.

You know when gearing up for a hike that you have to insure you pack the survival basics. Yet as you throw the pack in the truck you give it the once over.

So if we give ourselves that moment to take a second look. Double checking the contents of what we are going be carrying on our back. Why don’t we offer ourselves that same double take on what we are carrying with us into our daily life?

Navigating through out the day we pick up so many maladaptive stones that weigh us down. One by one until they start to slowly take up so much space that the push out our identity, and drive.

Those stones latch on to all of us. You know what they feel like. Just like you know the labels we apply to them. Things like pain, shame, disappointment. The list is endless, but over time they add up. Causing the back to begin to wight you down.

A part of the backpacking is weight management. So your pack doesn’t tire you half way down the trail. This to applies to life.

It’s case of the lighter your pack the faster and further you can go.

Still however just like being out on the trail there are core things that have to have. Things such has shelter, food, water, even a pocket knife. These are the core things that give you peace of mind.

The things that will not assist you on your adventure never find they into your bag. They would simple be to much extra to carry.

Today as you start day take inventory of your carrying with you. Make a list of what they are. Then throw that paper away. It’s a first step of becoming away of what’s weighing you down, and of it go.


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