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Grip and grin moments

Episode 125

Where you rather be? anywhere but here.

When will the time be right? Anytime but now.

If the time spent in the field as shown us anything, I would challenge those common answers to those two questions.

Because here, here is where stand in any given moment. When you felt the adrenaline and excitement of fighting to land that monster fish, and the pride on your face in the picture you took holding it. That all came because you where there, and when that fish bit into your hook – it snapped you into the moment for the fight. You would had missed all of that if you where not there.

So the same plays true in the monotony of everyday life. If your not there in that very moment you’d miss the opportunity’s for the mental grip and grin picture of the day.

Yes, we all have dark days where we just don’t want to show up, but think back on those grip and grin moments. Because they are fuel for the fire that lights the way when everything around you when the dark and dreary days of depression come to shore.

Marcus Aurelius reminds that everything around us, and every event that happens is simply fuel for fire. It’s our job as a Stewart to tend to that fire. By tending to it that fire gives back to us in return. It becomes the beacon to light the our way in the darkness.

Perhaps the depression of the day as you feeling like it’s all just to much, to many decisions to make, just to much to carry by getting out of bed. It’d be so much easier to lay there, and wish the day away. Just to hit the fast forward button on life for the day. In the hopes that tomorrow will just make its self better.

Those grip and grins don’t just snap their selfs, and life don’t just change on its own. Take on the adventure of this moment, no matter how it meets you. If your find yourself standing under the rain clouds of depression right now, grab your rain gear. Because those grip and grins won’t wait, but the storm will blow over. Just jump into the moment and catch the day’s treasures. Then pull out the camera, since it’ll be another trophy to add on the wall. Because one of those moments can spark the next fire when you need it.


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