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This is the reason why

grey statues on seabed

Not every venture is a successful one….. if we got that trophy fish on every single outing, or we harvested that buck with a rack the would leave us in awe on ever trip. The meaning and thrill of those success would diminish just a little bit more each time, because we would just come to expect it to happen.

We just learn to think it’ll be handed to us just for showing up. In the field just like in life we need those adventures that where we come up a little bit short and walk away empty handed back to the truck. It don’t mean we failed instead it just means that today it wasn’t meant to be.

The prize the reward we will just have try again to obtain. Don’t beat yourself over it, no matter what it is it that slipped your grasp today. You didn’t have and yesterday n you still don’t have today. Still there’s sometime to be had, there’s something to take away, to get back in the truck and hang your hat on the experience, because the events that played out taught you something. Maybe you learned a new skill, or you picked up on some small nuance that you can apply to your next endeavor, or maybe it was you didn’t even realized you did like push yourself a little further and made it to tell about.

This building a little trust within yourself. Epictetus once talked about how important learning through experience is, so don’t hang your head of all those times you came away a just a little bit short or the one that got away. Instead look at for what it for what a truly was an experience you got live and pack the lessons that came with into your backpack for the time you get to put them into practice…..

There’s something special within the search. Even when you come up empty handed at the end of the day. It wasn’t a total loss. That is because you invested those hours in quest, you wrote a page in the book of life. One that reads like, you woke to embark upon a mission.

A mission that you had high hopes and grand dreams of success. You knew you would have face the riggers of whatever was thrown at you. Still you didn’t back down. Instead you bit into those challenges that were put before you, and you got in tune with yourself and your surroundings.

This is what it’s all about, in the pursuit such as in life, we must engage the moments and trials that come with each endeavor uniquely to the conditions in which we stand. This is the reminder that each time you come empty handed serves to remind us. So heed this remind, regroup and try again. Then if need be try a third and forth time, or however many times it takes, and always hold on this your not a failure for trying.

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